Vinyl is back – and with a vengeance! In contrast and as a backlash to digital perfection, the crackling analogue vinyl sound is dear to a lot of audiophiles. The same goes for us at Skivtryck. So why not keep up with the vinyl wave and press a limited vinyl edition of yours, or the band’s latest release? Maybe there is even material for a gatefold – on coloured vinyl? A really cool nugget for the most inveterate fans! You can see our full standard range below. If you have your own ideas and requests for convolution and effects in printing, such as UV varnish, embossing or foiling – please give us a call for a quote! We can solve most things: +46 470 74 29 00.

Vinyl 12" + Sleeve

10,1 €/pc
(Price example at 200 pcs)

Vinyl 7" + Sleeve

7,8 €/pc
(Price example at 200 pcs)

Vinyl 12" + Gatefold

12,7 €/pc
(Price example at 200 pcs)

2x Vinyl 12" + Gatefold

19,7 €/pc
(Price example at 200 pcs)

Vinyl 12" Sleeve + CD Card wallet

12,3 €/pc
(Price example at 200 pcs)

Vinyl 12" Gatefold + CD Digifile

15,2 €/pc
(Price example at 200 pcs)


9,6 €/pc

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